Shopeum™ Educational BRAIN-CARDS Toys for Kids

Rs. 1,099 Rs. 1,999

Educational Toy for Kids Listen and Learn Literacy Audible Flash Cards Device with 112 pcs Double-Sided Cards for Toddlers.

We are committed to design exceptional learning toys to promote the development of children. We encourages children to learn and grow from playtime,improve their learning and cognitive abilities.It is a good way to learn by playing games, toddler can improve their ability quickly.

Our new 2th Generation card reader machine toys comes with 112 cards, 224 patterns and words. children can learn about food, colors, vehicles, vegetables, fruits, animals. Shape and sound are combined, wow! Amazing. that suitable for kindergarten, classroom, preschool education.

Make Learning Word Fun

Kids don’t like boring learning. This interactive toys can liberate toddler from boredom. Cute cards, standard pronunciation, and lifelike sound effects can make kids find the joy of learning. Whether at home, kindergarten, preschool, indoors and outdoors, kids can feel the fun of game learning as they like.