Baby Learning Cushion (Pillow Book) Pack of 2

Rs. 999
  1. Discover, Play, and Learn
     The perfect blend of comfort and education, making every moment a delightful

    • 2 In 1 Use Cushion, pillow & book: Whether your baby is sleeping, your kids are sitting, or your children are learning, this multi-use product brings joy to every moment. A must-have in any learning activity center

    • Help your baby explore and grow: With the Baby Learning Cushion Pillow Book.This soft- yet durable cushion provides a secure setting for your little one to ignite curiosity and discover new dazzling worlds with stories, colors, and shapes. Keep your baby entertained and mentally engaged for hours

    • 100% SAFETY: Made In India, Made with cotton and filled with polyester cotton inside.
    • Multi-Page layer: Many Pages Is Inside Learning Cloth Pillow books, It's Include Alphabets, Numbers, State National Map, National Symbols, Vehicles, Various Shape, Colors, All Day, All Month, Fruits, Vegetables, Animal Name, and Body Parts.
    • High Quality: Your baby's first soft book is made of high quality cotton, non-toxic and safe for your baby, lightweight, durable, and washable. The fabric soft book is filled with sounds polyester cotton material, easily attract the baby's attention
    • Perfect Gift: present for a baby pillow book or birthday. You can read these Cushion books with your little one, lead it to discover new things and explore this new world, and teach it how to recognize and speak the words. It gives your child endless hours of fun