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Your bubbles will come to the highest points and you will get to the highest peak of happiness with this flying bubble machine!

Every kid loves it!

A toy with cute cartoon design and bright color, who can resist this attraction? Your babies will want to play with it at first sight! 

Bring bubbles to higher sky

The dragonfly rotor on the head of the cute animal is a bubble machine which can soar and blow bubbles from the high sky.

Blow many bubbles at once

This bubble machine is designed with 4 blowing holes so it can blow hundreds of bubbles at a time. 

Simple operation

Pour the soap water into the head, rotate the rotor on the head and then press the launch button. Blowing bubbles is so easy that even your 3-year-old kid can also play all day long!

Bubbles fly high, you’re on cloud nine!

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No hassle, just hours of fun with the kids! The newly-developed combination of bamboo dragonfly and bubble machine. Its innovative bamboo dragonfly design and colorful bubble also cater to the children’s preferences and catch their attention! Also, a toy that can help children to play while learning. 

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Perfect Summer Toy:- This bubble machine is the best gift for kids. It can be used for various party occasions activities like carnivals, birthday parties, baby showers, camping trips, Halloween, Picnic, Kids' Bath Toys, Wedding, Photo taking, Bedroom Prop, Indoor & Outdoor Bubble Toys.

Educational Fun Toy:- It helps kids to learn while playing, they can keep trying to fly at different heights. Experiment with how the force of the pull impacts how high the chopper will fly. Exercise motor skills and learn about gravity.

Unique 2 in 1 Design:- This is an innovative toy that combines a bamboo dragonfly and a bubble machine. It is not only a bubble machine but also a bamboo dragonfly! When the bamboo dragonfly covered with bubble liquid flies up, it will produce a lot of bubbles, bringing endless happiness!

Kids-friendly ABS Material:- This bubble machine is made of high-quality, non-toxic ABS thermoplastic polymer. Safe and harmless for children to play with.

No Batteries Needed:- The materials are environmentally and no batteries are needed. Easy to install and use, just pour the bubbling water on the hole, insert bamboo dragonfly, and then press the switch to enjoy the bubble time!


  • Material: ABS Thermoplastic Polymer
  • Style: Puppy, Lamb, Calf, Piggy
  • Weight: about 320g

Note: It can be started without a battery


  • 1 pcs x 2 in 1 Flying Bubble Machine