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Deluxe DRYING PRO TOWEL®🔥 40% OFF Today Only 🔥 BUY 1 GET 1

Rs. 499 Rs. 1,299

The Deluxe Drying Towel™️ is the perfect tool to have when drying your car.

Our 28" x 36" Drying Towel utilises the latest twist loop technology, allowing it to soak up water more efficiently over traditional microfibre towels. 600GSM.

Maintain your Drying Towel with Sam's Microfibre Wash.

Features of Microfiber Towel

  • Absorb water more & faster and dries faster than cotton, Safe for all hard surfaces. With excellent water absorption – Ideal for Cleaning Cloth for Bike or Car
  • The ultimate cleaning tool gently pick up heavy dirt in one direction in the high pile side, and clean windows and glass with the short pile. It can capture small dust and particles without leaving traces
  • Cleaning cloth can be used for car while car washing, car cleaning ,car polishing, interior cleaning
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth allowing you to clean and dust with or without chemicals or detergents


How To Use?

  • Move the towel gently over each surface in continuous and even strokes. Start from the roof and make your way downwards slowly.
  • As the towel gets wetter, fold the wet sections over, and use the remaining dry sections to proceed.
  • Wring the water out of the towel as the towel becomes saturated with water to prevent streak marks.

Dry your car in under 90 seconds:

The premium lush microfibre strands combined with a special weave are able to absorb and hold unprecedented amounts of water. This allows you to dry any car in your stable quickly and efficiently without having to periodically squeeze water out of the towel and without having to apply un-needed downwards force!

Does not scratch your paint work:
Most towels in todays market consists of non-durable and rigid microfiber that often times don't do its intended job and goes brittle after a few uses. We set out to change that by creating the Deluxe Drying Towel PRO™️ which is crafted from a super lush; premium microfibre weave thats extremely soft to the touch, making it perfect for use on any delicate surface without the worry of causing damage.

Further more, most drying towels come with an edgeless seam which in most instances proves to be consequential. This is because often times, manufacturers carelessly throw glue on to the edge of the towel to keep it all together and prevent it from falling apart. We instill a super soft, sown edging around all of our towels to further reduce any risk of micro scratches on your delicate paint work.


  • Super soft, sown edging to further reduce the risk of micro scratches.
  • Comes in a 40cm X 40cm (16" x 16") size; making it the perfect size to handle with ease.
  • Plush 1200 GSM making it extremely soft on your paintwork.
  • The Deluxe Drying Towel™️ polishes, drys, buffs and shines! It caters to all needs!
  • Crafted from 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide.