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Your child's first toy at upto 50% discount

Shopeum™ Baby Head Protector ⚡⚡Last Day Promotion 48% OFF

Rs. 699 Rs. 1,499

🐾Don’t be afraid of your baby’s risk of head injury anymore!!

Our babies seem to always fall without us noticing, whether they’re just trying to sit up and fall backward, or they’re just starting to learn to walk. It could be worrisome to see them like that. That’s why the back of their head needs protection at all times and at all costs. Our cute baby head protector is so cute. The baby head safety pillow is made of soft and comfortable fabric, thick enough, but not heavy. The baby head protector is filled with soft pp cotton. The hollow design effectively covers the baby’s back head.

When your baby learns to walk, run and crawl, this cute head protector will help protect your kid’s helmets backpacks. Its breathable wear to ease the impact protects the baby’s head.Not only does it protect their head from falling backward, but it also helps prevent flat head syndrome when lying down. The hole in the center gives room for their skull to keep its proper shape when they lie on the floor for extended periods of time.

Baby Cute Cartoon Head Protection Fall-resistant Pillow - JackMaCry

This adorable protection pillow backpack will give your baby the ultimate protection while they play. The shoulder straps of this baby head pillow can be arbitrarily adjusted cut and funny shape, make the baby attractive. Never worry about your baby bumping head again. Protects your baby’s skull in case they fall backward. It is soft to the touch, safe, and suitable for babies.


  •  SOFT & COMFORTABLE: This head protector pillow for babies is made of high-quality cotton fabric that is super soft and comfortable. So, in case your baby will fall, you are assured that they will not feel a bit of pain.
  •  ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: This baby head pillow’s straps are designed according to the baby’s physique, comfortable without feeling tight.
  •  PROTECT YOUR BABY: Our protection pillow effectively the impact to protect the baby\’s head and back when falling down, it’s necessary for the toddler baby. It will also not touch the baby’s head, so the baby would not feel uncomfortable when used.
  •  ATTRACTIVE & FINE QUALITY MATERIAL:  With this pillow’s cute and funny shape, babies will enjoy playing with it when not in use. It is also made from super soft material, no pilling, no fading, not off-line, easy to clean.

When they learning walking, running and crawling, this cute small baby protector protective wings will help you protecting your kids backpacks helmet. use breathable alleviate impact, protect the baby's head. Baby easy to fall down safety, hurt their head and shoulder when learning walking, running and crawling this cute small protectors for baby will help you protecting your kids.

For Emotional Development
It is helpful for baby's emotional development, even the baby head protector backpack can make baby's pretty head shape

Protect both back and head
It protects baby's head but also back pads thus enhance baby's activity

The head protector is made of super soft crystal velvet fabric., soft and comfortable soft fiber.

Lightness and Soft cushion
Very light and safety , do not any pressure for baby's shoulder. Back protector pads has Unique design, cute appearance, which make your baby a bright spot wherever.

To reduce the head injury when the baby's head falling, keep the baby's head and back shoulders safe.