SHOPEUM™ Baby Sleeping Bag 👶🏻

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Ultra-Soft Fluffy Fleece Newborn 👶🏻 

Our Fiffy™ Baby Sleeping Bag is made from acrylic cashmere with 100% cotton lining. This ultra-soft and breathable swaddle help babies be happier and sleep longer. We’ve thought of it all! A unique double-sided flap allows for easy middle-of-the-night nappy changes. An inner arm wrap means that even the trickiest of Houdini can’t sneak out an arm in the middle of the night, plus our special velcro is designed to be extra quiet.  This Fiffy™ Baby Sleeping Bag is the perfect gift for your baby child to warm their early childhood with only love and cuddles! 😍

Grab 2 or more  for you, your friends, and family before this promotion ends!

Once we reach 500 unit sales, we will increase the price back up to 999.


Fabric: Cotton/Fleece 
Color: Blue, Pink
Description: Baby Sets Casual
Size: It is suitable for (0-6 Months) Baby
3M (0-3 months): Length 62cm (Hat to toe) Width 78cm (Expand both sides)
6M (3-6 months): Length 70cm (Hat to toe) Width 84cm(Expand both sides)

The surface and inside is soft, comfortable, breathable.

The sleeping bag's weight is about 250-350g. It's thick enough to Keep Baby warm.

Split leg design. Baby can easy to sit, roll, climb, kick, sleep.

baby sleeping bag

Velcro design, easy to pack and unpack

Little Bear modeling. Baby is very cute with it. 🧸

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