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Your child's first toy at upto 50% discount

Smart Math Roller

Rs. 699

This unique Smart Math Roller makes it easy for you to roll down numerous addition subtraction problems for your kids. It's FUN!

Why Should Parents Choose Smart Math Roller For Their Kids?

    • Saves time creating addition subtraction tests.
    • Composed of multiple numbers and is easy to use.
    • 1800 Math calculations.
    • Stimulate children's mathematical calculation skills.
    • Exercise children's calculating ability and cognitive ability.
    • Can be used by 4-10 old kids .
    • High-quality ABS environment-friendly material.
    • An excellent early education roller!
    • Flexible calculation change.
    • Rolls are easy on any surface.
    • Compact, exquisite and easy to carry.


  • Pink color smart math roller is used to create random Subtraction problems. 
  • Blue color smart math roller is used to create random Addition problems.

How to use:

Ink bottle is included in the box.

 The roller you slide is also an ink container, simply open the cap of the roller and fill the right amount of ink you need and close the cap after filling the ink.

Now You Are Ready To Roll!